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Gubałówka needs no introductions—it is one of the most famous peaks in Poland.
What makes it so beloved by tourists and skiers alike?
Gubałówka is the perfect place for family trips. You can reach the peak by a cableway, and there are plenty of attractions on the top. Among them is the unforgettable panorama of the Tatra Mountains and Zakopane (which can be admired through scopes), the highest sandy beach in Poland with free sunbeds and a number of opportunities to spend your time actively.
This includes many beautiful walking trails (e.g. to Butorowy Wierch, where you can take the cableway to the center of Zakopane), a rope park and a bicycle trail.
In the summer you can get carried away with your whole family on a gravity slide.
There is a lot going on at Gubałówka round the year: holiday discos, concerts of regional folk bands, artistic performances there’s no way for you to be bored!
And when you get hungry, local restaurants (Tarasy Gubałówka, Plaża Gubałówka) will serve you delicious regional dishes and Cafe Gubałówka will provide you with excellent coffee.
Is there anything more pleasant than stretching out on a sunbed with a view of the Tatras and a small cup of black coffee in your hand? Gubałówka is waiting for you!

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