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Mosorny Groń

Zawoja Policzne

Mosorny Groń is an excellent starting point for hiking in the Beskid forests and winter tourism. If you dream of active leisure, then Mosorny will be the perfect choice.
This mountain is a very good place to start hiking in the Beskid Mountains. From it, you can reach Polica as well as the Krowiarki Pass, which opens the Babia Góra range. At the top (which you can reach conveniently via chairlift) there is a restaurant, with outdoor tables and one of the fabulous views of the Queen of the Beskid Babia Góra. Coffee tastes really special in this scenery not to mention mulled wine and regional delicacies 😉.
Winter in Mosorny is a place of skiing craze. All that thanks to the sports ski slope, fully prepared for skiing. With the hill illuminated until late, the snow groomed and snowed regularly, the downhill slope guarantees a full skiing experience. It also has everything skiers might need: service, rental, large parking at the lower station, ski school for beginners and promotional ski passes for parents with children.
Do you know what Mosorny and Kasprowy have in common? You will find the answer at the lower station of the cableway in Zawoja Policzne. Come join us!

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